Looking for a job in SF? I can help.

I helped Brad land his first marketing job, Jenny transition into AR, and Sarah get into Optimizely. Ready for your new thing? It requires tons of 👩‍💻 and a bit of 🎲, but soon you'll 🚀.

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What I do

Landing a great job is about reflection and grit. It's about making 100 edits to your resume and then 100 more, it's about gaining confidence to ask for $$$, and it's about doing 10x.

Lift Your Confidence

I’m not just anyone, and neither are you. I’ll show you how to shine.

Perfect Your Process

You write your resume. Together we perfect it. Then, we'll strategize.

Find Your Career

Finding what you love is an art, not a science. Let's paint together!


Don't take my word for it, take theirs...


Jordan is the tool you need to grow into the next level of your career. He has a resume template that has helped me land more interviews and contact with recruiters. If you are looking to get a job in SF, you should take advantage of his advice and years of experience.

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Changing careers changed my life, and I have Jordan to thank for helping me get a job that I truly loved.

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Jordan has helped me with my resume, salary negotiations, and we chat often about how best to navigate the politics of organizations.

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I call it barterware. You do some work for me and I'll do some work for you. But, you earn your keep by investing time in yourself and the process. You'll learn a lot, I promise.

Work or Be Fired

I'll help you write and edit the perfect resume. If I see C- work, it's over.

Grit Wins

"Hustle beats talent when talent doesn't hustle." Work hard, work often, work fast.

It's Forever

It's not just about this job. It's about advice, mentorship, and a partnership.


To start, simply connect with me on LinkedIn and include a bit about yourself in the connection request.

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